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The professional groomer is a rather unique, as well as relatively new, entry into the professional world. Although pet grooming industry has developed in countries like Japan and US decades ago, it started really flourishing in this country only in recent years.
With the increase of popularity in pet owning in the country these days, the public has become more aware of the need for grooming the family pet. This, in turn, creates the need for more professional groomers and further growth of the profession.

:: Bather/ Groomer Assistant ::
Main responsibility of a bather/groomer assistant is to get pets ready for grooming and styling. Your works include brushing, bathing, drying pets as well as sanitary trimming to prepare pets for further scissor work.
:: Professional Groomer/ Stylist ::
As a professional groomer, you are required to groom and style a large range of dogs from different breeds, according to the owner’s request or by your own design, along with advising pet owners on health, diet and grooming needs of their pets. You may also need to groom other furry pets like cats and rabbits. You can work in a variety of locations, such as pet salons, veterinary clinics and pet-supply stores, or becoming a mobile groomer to provide house call service.
:: Breeder ::
With knowledge of canine characteristics, temperament and health, you can become a professional breeder to create quality breeds. You will find the joy of breeding your own show dogs with outstanding characteristics.
:: Pet Sitter ::
Working as a pet sitter, your responsibility is to take care of client’s pets at their homes while they are away. Besides feeding and cleaning after pets, you need to play with them too. You will enjoy the fun having those furry kids around.
:: Dog Walker ::
Professional dog walkers are paid by dog owners to walk their dogs for them, typically from the dog's residence and then returning. You can walk more than a dog at once but you need to keep the dogs you are walking under control.
:: Dog Handler ::
As a professional dog handler, you use your experience to present client’s dog or your own dog to the best of its advantage in the show ring. You will need to evaluate the quality of your clients' dogs and give an honest assessment of the chances the dog will finish its championship. You also need to educate your clients in areas of conditioning, training and grooming in order to make their dogs competitive in the conformation ring.
:: Dog Trainer ::
As a professional dog trainer, you train dogs to understand and comply with voice commands or hand signals, as well as to socialize the dog to other people and dogs. You also need to educate dog owners in proper use and technique to achieve the desired level of cooperation from their dogs. For advancement in your career, you can move forward to provide specialized training for assistance dogs, rescue dogs, or guard dogs.
:: Saloon Manager ::
As a grooming salon manager, you will be responsible for ensuring an efficient and positive grooming experience to your clients. Using your knowledge and experience in pet grooming plus your soft skills, you need to manage all aspects of the grooming salon operations within the store, and lead the salon associates in providing exceptional grooming and customer services.
:: Saloon Owner ::
You can start your own business and be paid to provide luxury grooming services for pets. You will have a career that is fun, interesting, and rewarding. The business offers you wide income potential; you can provide other specialized services such as pet massage, day care, boarding and pick-up service. You can also expand your business into a retail pet shop or luxury pet café.
:: Instructor/Instructor Assistant ::
A career in education is an opportunity to express your passion for pets and your love of learning through educating others. It is a demanding profession in which you take on a variety of roles: educator, motivator, guide, trainer, and tutor, yet it is also rewarding beyond compare.