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Graduated top of the class from Japan Grooming Technical College, Ms. Yuri Lim is a certified professional pet groomer and a pioneer in the country as far as dog grooming goes. She has committed herself to pet grooming industry since year 1994. She has been teaching professional grooming for over 10 years. Her passion in grooming goes back to humble beginnings where hard-work sweat and dedication has led to high level of popularity today.She is also the founder of well-known WowWow@MeowMeow Pet Saloon.

Profile Ms.Yuri Lim
• 1994年:Japan Grooming Technical College – Professional Certificate
• 1996年:Japan Grooming Technical College – Outstanding Student Award
• 1996年:JKC certified Trimmer
• 1996年:JKC certified Handler
• 2000 年:WowWow & MeowMeow Pet Saloon’s Director
• 2002 年:Yuri Grooming & Training academy’s Principal
• 2008 年:P.E.I.A. Pet Massage Association Class Certificate