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Before year 2000, pet grooming was relatively unheard of in Malaysia. Pets were just bathed, or brushed regularly which very much contrasts the more exorbitant methods of today that conduct pet pampering with spas, manicures and styling; much like the saloons which we human patron. For the uninformed, Yuri Grooming & Training (YGT) is the first ever pet grooming academy to sprout in Malaysia where contribute a changing move shifted a new era in pet industry.
Established by Ms. Yuri Lim in year 2002, Yuri Grooming & Training (YGT) was the foremost in Malaysia to provide professional grooming training. The grooming school is committed to train professional groomers to cope with the insatiable demands in the industry. The main objective of the training program is to help students to learn all the essential elements of pet grooming to become quality groomers.The school is well known at producing groomers with excellent grooming skill and be able to work independently under challenging environment.